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About avega
Avega is been a paradigm of tailor-made luxury and men’s elegance.
Its been promoting the values of Made in India excellence through its artisanal know-how, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with style and taste. The Avega Designing Principle uses innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics.
Avega  is been synonymous with quality and excellence in the creation of suits that combine craftsmanship and Made in India elegance.
For Avega, Made in India is not just a label, but the result of a longstanding tradition that interweaves culture and history, style and taste, a quest for excellence and respect for professionalism, quality and reliability. It is for this reason that all of our collections are produced directly by Avega-owned production centers throughout India, each specialized in the creation of specific product categories. This ensures perfection in every garment, made carefully by highly skilled craftsmen with a taste for the tradition of fine tailoring and premium quality.
This is why, Avega is representing Made in India throughout the world and why its Indian identity remains an essential part of its core values. Tradition and experimentation, innovation and experience – these elements come together in the creation of premium quality collections with a timeless style .
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